We provide a Cognos tool which can be used via your local intranet/web or via an automated process to provide Cognos group level security access in less than a minute!

We have implemented an automated routine whereby help desk assigns tickets to our team.  Our automated process picks up those requests, filters out the individual group level requirements and then applies those requirements using our executable.

Automate your Cognos security environment quickly using group policy security and  assign permissions through group access.  Once the environment is set, use our command line tool to automatically grant access to users by adding the user to the necessary group.

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Below is a very simple example of an implementation where a page was created to grant access based on simple user/group selection.  Using the below method, users can be added to multiple groups via a single click.  

What are the benefits?
  • Provide a simple interface which can be used by anyone, including those with no formal Cognos training.
  • Add 1 or more users to 1 or more groups in a simple click.  Now that's powerful!
  • Control and customize the levels of access which can and can't be granted.
  • Reduce turnaround time to the business.

Contact us to shorten your Cognos Administration time, and allow your team the ability to respond quickly.

We have both command line utilities and web interface tools available.  We will implement and test the tool, and customize to fit your enterprise the way you want it to work.  To see detail on the command line tool functionality click here

Questions? us today @ Consistent Systems

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